What we offer

How the Homeward Assisted Returns Program can help

We provide a free service for eligible non-Australian citizens who wish to voluntarily depart Australia.

We’ll assess your eligibility for the program, and when it’s approved, you’ll be allocated a case worker who will help you get the travel documents and forms you need for your journey.

We’ll arrange your travel, accommodation, and flights for your trip home, doing our best to help you travel on the dates you prefer. We’ll also cover the costs for you, so you won’t be out of pocket.

Preparation Assistance

Assessment, Preparation and Planning Assistance

Determine Eligibility

Once you decide you want to depart Australia, the Department of Home Affairs will assess your eligibility.

Get things in order

We will assist your preparation to return home by providing you with information and checklists.

Chat with us

You will be assigned a Caseworker who will listen and offer you options that best meet your needs.

Prepare Documents

We can assist you to complete the required travel forms so you have the right documents for your journey.

Travel Assistance

Departure, Arrival and Flight Assistance

If you are eligible, your approved travel expenses will be covered under this program.

We will organise your travel by booking your flights, accommodation and any transport you may need.

On the day of departure you can feel ready and prepared. On arrival home, you may be met at the airport by loved ones or you may have further travel arranged. You will have been provided with relevant information so you can successfully complete your travel plans.


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